In our post-COVID world we have learnt to balance family and work in a whole new way. Home has been our office. The office has been our home. We’ve taken our lunch breaks with our kids. We’ve got used to a new way of doing life.

Team days in the corporate space are also looking different.

Family is now a more important part, as is getting out of the office space and into nature.

Forest Therapy Victoria offers team days for groups of adults, but if you’re looking to include families, the Nature Play 4 Kids program is perfect for you.

Corporate Team Days

Play together in nature with your kids and discover the joy that nature offers.

Public Open Days

Invite the public to play in the natural setting of your location and help promote your business

Community Events

Make nature play part of your sporting club, social club, or church community day.


Community festivals are the ideal place to add a ‘lite’ version of Nature Play to promote the green spaces in your suburb.

The Programs

Nature Play 4 Kids is a way of integrating nature based activities into student and family life to enhance wellbeing. As such, these is no ‘one’ NP4K program – everything is shaped to your needs.

However, we have put together a number of ideas that give you an idea of what your NP4K program might look like.

Browse the programs below to get an idea of what NP4K might look like for you!