Teens in Nature

Teens in Nature

The NP4K program is fully customisable to cater for your school community, differing abilities, seasonal changes, subject themes, local celebrations, and special projects. All of the NP4K programs can be customised for older age groups, or we can come up with one for you. 

We will work with you to set the duration of the program, the activities, and any variations to suit the culture and needs of your group . 

Use the contact form to get the conversation started!

Duration: Generally 90 minutes, but can be half and full day.

Year Levels: Secondary School

Cost: Negotiable depending on program

Learning Outcomes:

We will work together on this with you, but generally the learning outcomes will include:

  • building confidence
  • building self esteem
  • developing mental health management strategies
  • team work skills
  • appreciation of the contribution nature plays in our health and wellbeing


  • We’ll chose these in conjunction with you. Many will be selected from other programs, with unique ones devised for your context.

Australian Curriculum: Content Descriptors

Our incursions link to the cross-curriculum priority of sustainability and to the learning areas of Literacy, Science, Health & Physical Education and Visual Arts. General capabilities, of critical and creative thinking and personal and social capability, are also embedded.

For a detailed list of curriculum standards addressed at particular year levels, please contact us via email.