About Nature
Play 4 Kids

Nature Play 4 Kids is a way of integrating nature based activities into student and family life to enhance wellbeing. As such, these is no ‘one’ NP4K program – everything is shaped to your needs.

However, we have put together a number of ideas that give you an idea of what your NP4K program might look like.

Browse the programs below, plus learn a little more about the NP4K team and history. 


How we came to play!

How counselling, cartoon drawing, and the chemistry laboratory led the development of Nature Play 4 Kids program!

The Team

A bunch of kids trapped in adult bodies!

The team bring a unique mix of experience and training, plus a healthy dose of crazy, to the NP4K program.

What’s Involved

What to expect at a NP4K program

Get a sneak peak at the games, creative activies and sensory exercises that make up a NP4K program.

Individual Support

Nature based counselling for your child

Several of the NP4K team are qualified counsellors with MGA Counselling Services and Life Therapies Victoria.