Our History

How did that happen?

We didn’t really plan to start another program. It just sort of happened.

In his working life, Matt Glover from MGA Counselling Services had been a scientist, youth worker, grief counsellor, and a freelance cartoonist, illustrator and author

After several years working as a counsellor in private practice, Matt saw first hand the benefits the Narr-Maen Wetlands provided to clients carrying significant grief and trauma. He spent more and more time under the trees conducting counselling and wellbeing sessions. 

At the same time he was visiting primary schools around the country delivering a unique ‘Creativity and ‘Wellbeing’ program that used cartoon drawing to teach students the basics of resilient mental health. 

Forest Therapy Victoria was formed in late 2019 to provide specific nature based programs to community groups, corporate organisations and the general public, as well as one on one support. 

It was perhaps inevitable that these worlds would eventually come together. Parents started to approach Matt seeking alternative forms of therapy and support for their kids. Family groups started to book extended sessions as a weekend family activity. Schools that Matt had worked with as a cartoonist started to ask for a nature play program.

COVID-19 slowed things down significantly, but eventually Nature Play 4 Kids was born!