Nature Play 4 Kids

Nature Play 4 Kids

In this incursion, students will experience a wide variety of Nature Play activities that will stimulate students creativity, introduce nature based mindfulness and encourage self-directed play. Activities in this program offer a taster of all that NP4K has to offer and is an ideal introduction to the concepts of using nature for your health and wellbeing.

Duration:  90 minutes

Year Levels: P-6

Cost: $330 for schools (GST incl).

Notes on cost:

  • For schools a minimum of two sessions is required for booking the NP4K team.
  • Other organisations, please contact NP4K for a quote.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will develop an understanding of how being in nature can promote positive wellbeing
  • Students will begin to recognise situations and opportunities to promote health, safety and wellbeing
  • Students will participate in outdoor games and activities that promote connection between natural environments and health and wellbeing

Sample Activities:

  • Meet a tree
  • Foraging
  • Nature art
  • Tuning the senses
  • Nature memory game
  • Sound mapping
  • Story time

Australian Curriculum: Content Descriptors

Our incursions link to the cross-curriculum priority of sustainability and to the learning areas of Literacy, Science, Health & Physical Education and Visual Arts. General capabilities, of critical and creative thinking and personal and social capability, are also embedded.

For a detailed list of curriculum standards addressed at particular year levels, please contact us via email.