Building with Nature

Building with Nature

For the nature loving engineers, this program appeals to students desire to create bigger, higher and longer objects using whatever they can find. This non-competitive program allows students to express creative and problem solving abilities without the benefit of Google!

Duration:  90 minutes

Year Levels: 3-6

Cost: $330 for schools (GST incl).

Notes on cost:

  • For schools a minimum of two sessions is required for booking the NP4K team.
  • Other organisations, please contact NP4K for a quote.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will investigate the suitability of natural materials for different construction purposes
  • Students will generate design ideas through describing, drawing and modelling
  • Students will use natural materials, tools, equipment and techniques to safely make designed solutions
  • Students will explore how success, challenge and failure strengthen identities.


  • Giant spiral
  • Stick tower
  • Nature art activity
  • Tree house drawing
  • Obstacle course creation
  • Hanging mobiles

Australian Curriculum: Content Descriptors

Our incursions link to the cross-curriculum priority of sustainability and to the learning areas of Literacy, Science, Health & Physical Education and Visual Arts. General capabilities, of critical and creative thinking and personal and social capability, are also embedded.

For a detailed list of curriculum standards addressed at particular year levels, please contact us via email.