Teamwork in Nature

Teamwork in Nature

This program involves groups of students working together as a team to solve a number of nature based problems. Some challenges are easy. Others are a bit more difficult. All of them are fun! This program is ideal for school groups, community groups and families.

Duration:  90 minutes

Year levels: P-6

Cost: $330 for schools (GST incl).

Notes on cost:

  • For schools a minimum of two sessions is required for booking the NP4K team.
  • Other organisations, please contact NP4K for a quote.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will explore relationships through play and group experiences.
  • Students will share experiences of cooperation in play and group activities.
  • Students will express their emotions constructively in interactions with others.


  • Giant spiral/mandala
  • Meet a tree in pairs
  • Navigating an obstacle course by sound
  • Distance communicating
  • Foraging
  • What am I?
  • Nature memory

Australian Curriculum: Content Descriptors

Our incursions link to the cross-curriculum priority of sustainability and to the learning areas of Literacy, Science, Health & Physical Education and Visual Arts. General capabilities, of critical and creative thinking and personal and social capability, are also embedded.

For a detailed list of curriculum standards addressed at particular year levels, please contact us via email.